Epoch Apparel

Hey guys! This is Kyle MacDonald. I have a couple friends (John Goetz and Trevor Schy) that i have a bunch in common with. Like these kinds of things: we love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we love bikes, we love riding our snowboards and we love to make junk. We like making clothes and accessories that slam the hell out of snowboarding style and laugh in the faces of everyone in the world. and then it throws snowballs at them. Snowboarding is fun, and we think that you have fun when you look fun, and when your are doing something fun and wearing fun stuff it makes double fun!As epoch apparel, John, Trevor and I spend most of our time brainstorming wild ideas and then sewing them into reality, for YOU! We hope you enjoy what you see and helping other people enjoy what they see while you are walking around the mall with your friends.

Epoch is a living, breathing, loving, eating, crapping, sucking, amazingly prestigious clothing brand name built in Bellingham, Washington with the main goal of making you look ugly and having fun doing it.

Please accept my personal invitation to scour the pages of this web site and then let us know what you think in our People page! ENJOY!


-Kyle MacDonald

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