our photo friends.

HEY! so i have this friend that i grew up with that i used to punch and slap and he used to punch and slap me and we are buds and then he started to take pictures. then he met a friend of his own that likes taking pictures named sam and sam has a website with their pictures. the first friend, josiah, took me out on a little picture party one day and took some pictures of epoch! there will be another more exciting photoshoot next month, but if you wanna check out some pictures of goods go here.

epoch on sdobbins.com

sdobbins.com is a great place to go if you need some pictures taken of you, he is pretty good. and josiah is great too and is ready to shoot all the time, so if you need anything on film, go to this site and talk to these guys. ps. they are rad dudes.

love epoch.epoch lightshow by josiah gapsch

epoch lightshow by josiah gapschepoch lightshow by josiah gapsch

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