Mt. Baker——-Closing Weekend

Last Weekend i made my way up to bellingham to ride the last weekend at mt. baker with epoch’s bellingham counterparts to shred some baker for the last hoorah, and it was definitely a hoorah. it started on saturday with a hitch hike up 542 where we met up with this guy steven and grabbed an old chrysler up to heather meadows base area to hike out to grandmas for the day.

trevor putting in work on britton road

trevor putting in work on britton road.

this is steven

this is steven, we found him straddling a large brass eagle, cawing like a rabid man hawk for a new mate. he found two.

almost throat cut

we somehow crammed into the back seat of this chrysler with 3 dudes and 3 scrapers. trevors was finna cut his throat, and mine was tryna bust my chompers. we laughed the whole way up and the canadians in the front seat found no shame in laughing at us too.

thanks canada!

stoked to get out, but glad for the experience, i stretch my legs and call some birds. or burts.


This is “grannada”. We ran into Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, Mark Thompson and a couple other think thankers at the top of the drop in while they were on their way to get some shots on the last weekend and JB informed us of the name of the jump and its origin. He was riding at grandmas step up and the first people he saw building this jump were canadians, so grannada was born, or so the story goes.

Bart just could find no satisfaction on this knoll, but i did. he got pretty squirrelly once and the shot made the edit. Accorns, bart!

Grandmas love spiders, or at least old ladies that eat flies.

Such a pretty day. trevor worked real hard on his tan. i guess he has a new motto, but you’ll have to ask him what it is.

On the hitch trip home, aside from stories about fat guys and wild, aphrodisiacal dope, we got to gawk at this old south american backside beauty, and even snag a photo! but it didnt come easy, that guy in the background thought we were taking a picture of him and he started thrusting and grabbing his junk. we booked it out of there real quick.

Sunday was another great time. We bought lift tickets for closing day, and expected great things, and great things we got. We saw some wild things, some sun, some snow, some rain, some costumes, some meat, some friends and a great time.

This is Derek Jackson, D-Jack, D-jock, Pipe Jock.

i didnt even know this picture was being taken, thats how happy i was. thats kevin, i mean kenny hansen in the background.

from the left, kielbasa, kermit, kenny, kevin hansen, john goetz and kyle macdonald. John is rocking the first ever “Chasti-bito” and looking so hot.

look real close at this guys back leg (skiers left, lookers right) you can see a snowball. He probably deserved it. this is what we employed ourselves with on every lift ride, kenny has quite an arm full of malicious intent.

this picture speaks for itself. but i will do a little work on it too. this is Mark Macias, elder brother to Lou Macias, epoch team rider. Mark and his buddies were rocking some wild tall tees on the last day, mark with this baller shirt and his friend on the lookers left with a “Chronic Jungle” shirt. and mark is apparently way to stoked on it. or it was just a good day.

This is Evan Bang, whose favorite trick, ive heard, is a 50-50 to bang-his-tail-as-loud-as-he-can-on-the -end-of-the-rail. very fitting. this kid has the best no hat style on the market, and he can wear 2 pairs of eyewear at once and still solja boy all over your face.

this little lipper was fun. john got front 5 out of it like nobodies business and kenny handle a 7. this is a switch back 3 in a butterfinger triad. these wildly fun tripple combo sweatshirts are only 30 bucks!

chris bradshaw rode with us closing day at baker! never thought you’d see him there, eh? well he wasnt, this is kenny, front sev-o attempt 2. he got it first try, but the camera didnt.

For lunch we had a little BBQ courtesy of the Bellingham Grocery Outlet. Thanks John! check these pictures and then try to tell me derek doesnt look like WIlliam Wallace.

Check out Kenny, he mugs all the time. you wont see any smiles out of this kid. then there’s elena, skip one, tim, derek, bart, skip one, john.

this is about when it started to rain. which means its about when the day started to get better.

john calls this face the muppet? he goes bonkers everytime he sees it. and here’s kenny, mean muggin the life right out of me.


almost a smile, but im still scared out of my wits of this kid.

because of the rain, we left the camera in the car, and the east side kids and their car friends had to dip so just John, trevor and me got to ride in the rainy afternoon, and it was almost too much fun to handle. we saw this guy John Skelton zip under our chair on chair 7 in a complete american flag demin kit, with the american flag bandanna and his carrot top hair do flying 3 feet behind him. so funny. and then we looked up and saw a group of kids on Chair 7 Extreme with hoolahoops side slipping down the mountain making a huge avalanche, and then jumping into it and surfing the slide like wave. Then we decided to do Extreme 1 footed, and i tumbled most of the way down, which convinced us that the rest of the day needed to be done on 1 foot. We killed it. binding grab cliff drops and tree jibs all over. then after last chair we ran into john skelton who seemed to have had little bit to drink, who invited us to his tarp covered bbq. this is where the camera came back out.

this is the BBQ zone. the tarp was held up between 2 cars, sandwiched in the doors and a couple rocket boxes, and held up by a hatch and some heads. it poured for a good half hour of cramped tarp party.

This is under the tarp. Jon Skelton post Captain America in the middle, with Jan Carlos on the right holding it down. He was almost over prepared for everything. top left is trevor, next to him is derek, and on the other side of skelton is John Goetz, killing it. John rode the whole day in jeans, and got soaked, and then kicked it hard in the rain post shred. He’s the man. And he makes clothes.

An almost never ending supply of meat and Captain America’s drink of choice.

The rain died down and we all moved to the heat of the meat can.

John Goetz, Trevor Schy, and Derek Jackson slaying some cold spaghetti in plastic cups with pink spoons thanks to Curtis, the proud owner of a VW pop top camper bus with a stove and a sink and Trevor’s new hero.

Killing it. It was actually really good spaghetti.

Derek Got a chance to man the meat grabbers and he did a pretty good job. At this time the grill was populated by a large frozen roast, steak, hot dogs and shrimp. and maybe a rock. see if you can spot it in the pictures below…

The meat was all so good. we ate our fill. Jon Skelton wasnt sure if this rock was a piece of meat on the ground or not, so he checked by stomping on it. Prime meat test if you ask me.

such good food. i reminded john that he had some left over hot dogs in his jeep from lunch. i remembered them being better then. not too stoked on eating this plain tube steak. but look at the satisfaction is johns face. the meat was slammin.

Jon Skelton had some pretty prime quotes throughout the afternoon. he had us cracking up the whole time so we had to grab some spacecraft stickers and a marker from the jeep to write them down. as this is a family site, most of these quotes will only be found in our journals. This is a photo of him devouring a meat with no regard for the feelings of anyone around him.

Trevor and Jon some how got a hold of some racing sleds for children and hiked up chair 7 for a long time. Trevor got a really good picture of jon getting gnarly, but this is all i could fenaggle. it was a sight to see.

The weekend was incredible. So much fun riding and dining and people. After we left the party moved to grandma’s where there was a huge bobsled course for tubes and a bunch of people and beer, but it was cold and raining and we let the crazies from the barbeque take advantage of that. Epoch would like to thank Mt. Baker for being so rad and having such a fun closing weekend. And we would like to thank Jon Skelton for being so funny.

“Turbans For Days!”

-Jon “Captain America” Skelton


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