Whistler 08!

we had to do it. we did it last year so we had to do it. Some one had to doob it. We went to whistler after the season ended in washington and it was more than we could have asked for. and more expensive for some of us. Sorry there aren’t more pictures of riding or anything, but who wants to stop riding to shoot pictures? I actually carried the camera all day the second day of riding and never pulled it out. so this is what you get it guess.

We left in two cars on friday, may 2nd with only 2 goals, get gnarly and get gnarly. The trip started on WWUs campus with a ding dong festival, during which we dominated some stander-by’s with flying ding dongs and offers some to other kids, threw some into some dorm windows, and got reprimanded by some resident directors. she didnt want one. On the way up we took advantage of some of BC’s beautiful countryside and stopped for a short photoshoot in a salt quary on highway 1. This is where you see john romping around on sharp rocks with no shoes or pants on in the first ever chasti-bito. killing it of course. he cut his feet and we bounced. we got to whistler and didnt hesitate to hit the club scene. there was a mix up with our room, which turned out to be about the size of a janitors closet with 2 twin beds smushed into one big one and a sink and a microwave. not even enough floor space for everyone. There were 8 of us: Bart, Trevor, Elena, Clayton, John, Sarah, Kyle, and Alex, the token klanker on the trip. (klanker means harpooner, which means rabbit, which means skier, but he’s cool enough, and smooth as silk) We went from club to club and found nothing cool for free, and osama bin laden convinced us to pay 5 bucks and party at Moe Joe’s, but we didnt really have a choice because Alex had already smooth talked his way past the bouncer for free because he “makes putin at the savage beagle”. It turns out that the savage beagle doesnt serve putin, but he made it in anyways.

The shred was a blast. the park was long and prime and if you rode with a ton of aggression you could squeeze a hit in between a french guy and a korean guy. It was pretty crowded, but that just meant that there was some prime lunch time poach ahead. We took advantage. Then more of the same 2-to-a-feature snowboarding. I swear i at one time saw 4 people on a box at once, who didnt look like they knew eachother. It wasn’t abnormal to see 2 people drop for a jump before another even hit the take off, and while there was still one guy in the air over it. it was wild, but a blast at the same time. Before lunch we ran into a friend through DWD named mike who was rad enough to show us around for the rest of the trip.

That night was action packed… the clubs were expensive, no free ones and the best one cost 12 bucks to get in, and since our buy one get one free tickets didnt work on saturday we didnt have that kinda money to get in to some lame wiener infested establishment where every 3 songs were in another language, so we walked around. Around this time John, Trevor and Alex got a call from nature, and in classic whistler fashion, couldn’t find a public bathroom anywhere, or they probably didnt really want to. They found some bushes in an alley and 3 mountees found them! Trevor weaseled out of there before the mountees could get him, and Smooth Taklkin’ McKee (Alex) got out of it while john fessed up to the puddle by his feet and got stuck with a pre-made and printed $100 ticket for public urination or defecation. Pretty much nothing topped that the rest of the trip.

Shredding the next day was real fun. Mike showed us a good time and followed us around with his DVX. after nancying around in the park frenzy, we beat it out of there and took some long runs from the glacier on down, where we found some incredibly fun excitement time! The day ended on a good note with a fun mob down to the midway station of the gondola where we made our way down to the village to leave.

On the way home we stopped in Squamish at a burger king for what seemed like an hour and a half, all of us secretly trying to stay as far away from monday as possible. The trip was fun, only one of us got caught doing something illegal, and nobody got hurt. Special Thanks to Delta Hotels, Whistler Dining Staff for the poach assistance, and Mike Baier for being such a rad host. THANKS CANADA!

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