Welcome to the team, Shane!

This is Shane Norman-Bardiau (bar-doo). he rides at snoqualmie, and when he isn’t digging rails out or salting jumps on the park crew, he charges fast and hard through the park, and never uses a feature the way it was intended to be used. Uses jumps as wall-rides, knuckles to jump over kids, finds every gap he can and rides really fast the whole time. and he has the best melons on the mountain. and he does pretty good backside, front hand grabs too!

Check this video of shane killing it for a couple days on snoqualmie post season!

Keep checking to page throughout the summer for the rest of the epoch team’s intros! and real soon you can check up on these cats on the People page! and make sure you dont forget to pick up some t-shirts and bandito’s for the summer!

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