blast off day one, yakuntimean?

today marked the beginning of epoch blast off week.  a 120 manhour fiesta of sewing and metal.  We are making great time and progress with 11 completed banditos and a lot to look forward to tomorrow. thanks to imeem and snickers charged, we are always killing it and its all for you.  late nights, long days, and lots of merch. love kyle.

from john:  great day being in tacoma playing edward peddle feet mashing listening to yule carols.  thanks moms for nummy treats and  good food.

from trevor:

Dear earth people, the product is growing tall and the finished sweatshirt stacks are getting big enough so that there is only room for two on the couch, I’m on the floor.  I sincerely wish we had footage of Milo eating a muffin wrapper for you to see, thats been the highlight of working.

Tomorrows a big day, we better get some sleep.

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