day 3: time to get sponsed.

balls of ice! we went totally insane today, and it was totally raining green.

today was weird, weewy weeyaud. we got up extra early because we needed to take my mom to some doctor thing, or at least i did, and thought it would be rad to go get some shari’s breakfast food while we waited for her to get done. so we did that. we ate, didnt say anything to eachother, spent 30 bucks, and were more tired than ever. it was the WORST. we chilled in the restaurant for a little bit and figured we wasted our time and money doing it, so we went home and went back to bed. when i finally got the call to go pick her back up i had taken an hour long nap, and so had john and trev, and we were still worthless. so i got home, skated to star market and got us some energy cans to ham and pumped some 3 inches. this promptly lead to extremes in sewing and rocking, punctured parts, mangled sleeves, shirtless riots, dragon wings and devastating crashes, all within the time dubbed the “3 hours of metal”. thanks 3 inches of blood and medieval heroes with axes of evil. the rest of the day was spent recovering from the morning of power metal and eeking out another 12 banditos. a good day. a great day.

lesson learned, when your tired, go to bed, dont maow monsters and blast inches. enjoy a movie or 2:

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