Canadian Thanksgiving

If you didn’t celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday you blew it. Even if you’re American. There is nothing more American than celebrating two Thanksgivings just for the sake of eating. Thanksgiving dinner came together wonderfully with stuffing, chicken, sweet yams, bacon mashed potatoes, green beans, wild rice, rolls, corn, salad, cornbread muffins, pumpkin muffins and 2 pumpkin pies, maybe even a misty 3rd pie lurking in the fridge.  Plenty of food, and friends came out to give thanks to Canada and the many things it provides us with…Gretz, maple syrup, public urination tickets, Dinosaurs will die, Mike Baier, ice hockey and many other great things.  John also turned 21 that night. wooo. Thanks to everyone who came and mostly, Thanks Canada.

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