All Hail Stacy Hatch

If you didn’t know, now you do. Stacy Hatch is a MOGUL FORCE

Last year Bart and I had an on going argument about if this was real. Stacy put the debate to rest.

"im the guy who dropped the 65footer its not 80 ft. they got it wrong ,, any ways its
real ive been off that rock so many times i cant count em, its a super sketchee take
off cuase its an up hill take off also the rock sticks out tword the bottom u dont
want to come up short or yor history,, the name of the rock is actually ;hatch's
peak''if you been to whistler i bailed the cliff at the very top of the peak chair
as well ,,, peace out ,,"
                           -Stacy Hatch

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