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Recently, Brooke Geary, a writer for the internet snowboarding magazine, “Yobeat” helped us out by featuring our Five Trick Stitch video contest. At the same time she invited us to be included in her next feature, focusing on up and coming independent brands in the industry. It turned out really cool, and we are stoked that she asked us to participate. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Five Companies You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

By Brooke Geery • Jan 21st, 2011 • Category: Features, Latest, Random

It seems like every clown has a clothing company now. Any why not? This is America, where rumor is, you can do anything you want. All it takes is some ingenuity, a little bit of cash and a ton of hard work, and there you have it, your own clothing brand. At least, that’s the dream. Most people though, never get beyond the idea part, and having an actual operating business isn’t as common as you’d think. The following five brands come from across the country (and even one in the middle) and all have their own unique style. The one thing they all have in common: the are all owned and operated by real people who really love snowboarding.

Epoch Apparel

Established: October 2007
Location: Tacoma and Bellingham, Washington


Yobeat: Why would you start a snowboard company in this economy?

Kyle Macdonald: Really, we didn’t start it in this economy. Truth is we’ve been a “start-up” for going on 4 years, but four years ago we didn’t know that we’d love sewing and hooking people up so much, so we keep doing it, regardless of what some big Wall Street stuffed shirts tell us about our money.

What’s different about your brand?

We make clothes that are fun to make and fun to wear, and we make them. Everything we make or ever have made was made by one of 4 people in a basement or a barn, by hand.  Because its all made by hand by one of us, we try to keep everything original and different, so no two people ever look the same.

No really, why should people support you and not some other independent brand?

We don’t want people to just support us. I think that in “this economy,” passion and creativity is all we got, and independent brands are putting their hearts into what they love, so I say, support ‘em all! Don’t forget about us, though.

Who are you and why do you think you’re qualified to run a business?

We are John Goetz and Kyle MacDonald, and one day, we decided to learn to sew. We love sewing, so you can count on being your hoodies second lover, because we probably loved ‘er for 3 hours before you even set your eyes on it. If it fits a little weird or smells like us when you get it, it’s because we wore it already, because we love it. Is that enough? And John is a business major in college, for what it’s worth.

Rumor is snowboarding is shrinking and skiing is the next big thing. Do you plan on sponsoring skiers to make more money?

We would love to be able to live off of what we do, but it’s not about the money for us. We have been supporting people of all kinds for a long time, because we don’t want to just recognize people killing it in the snowboarding industry, but we want to show our appreciation for anyone who is making it happen for anyone or doing anything rad.

What will you do after you get rich off snowboarding?

Keep sewing.

Thanks Brooke!

Go to the full article to see what other brands she highlighted and check what they’re doing. Some pretty cool stuff coming up.

Don’t forget to submit your five trick stitch! Contest ends January 31st!

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