the best days are back

Greasy pre season edit from Kevin F.

Gators Demo

Our boys Trevor Schy, Kevin Hanson, Bart Patitucci, Robert Bench, the Rickmans, and a grip of other dudes worked real hard this winter hiking around Washington, and they came out with a lot more than good memories. Check out this refreshingly simple reminder of what snowboarding is really for.

“This movie was put together for the purpose of watching friends snowboard. Thanks to everyone who came along snowboarding, helped us out and supported our interests

riders: bart patitucci, greg phillips, matt penny, kraemer rickman, tyson rickman, trevor schy, robert bench, travis claughton, kevin hanson, sam trippe, josh jarvis and other homies.

Extra thanks to The Cloudlifters for letting us use their tunes. thank you thankyou.”

Kenny got the nod!

Kevin 5-0 on the double barrel.

Kevin greasin his way to 1st, a snowboard, 100 bucks at his favorite shop and a spot at the downtown throwdown

Our friend and Epoch sweatshirt wearer Kevin ‘Kenny’ Hanson bribed the judges at the Clackamas, OR stop of Feeders and came away with the loot and a spot in the Downtown Throwdown in Seattle on October 8. Go watch him bark with the big dogs. Its Free!

In the mean time, watch this edit:




don’t be a weenie get your self a beanie

check it

the haps

Fall is pretty much here and new sweatshirts are on the way!

Our online store is all up to date…  Check out the shop online tab on this blog for pictures of whats in stock